Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 99: Interview with a Vampire

Boy, you have to be of a certain age to remember all the hype that came out around this movie. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt teaming up with Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas and a fresh faced Kirsten Dunst to bring a best selling novel to life...what could go wrong?

Honestly, this isn't a terrible movie. It moves along at a nice clip and looks gorgeous. Cruise was playing against type and Pitt was in one of his "acting in a trance" phases. The idea was that Pitt has tracked down Christian Slater in order to tell his life story. The whole movie is told in flashback as Pitt's foppish weirdo runs afoul of the Vampire Lestat (Cruise), who turns him into one of the undead. Seen from the distance of time, it is very much a pro-gay rights movie as Lestat and Louis form a couple and adopt little Kirsten Dunst as their vampire daughter (although she gets tired of never growing up, shades of Near Dark there). Banderas plays the leader of  vampire clan who have less than peachy plans for Lestat and his family.

The acting is spot on. The vampire action is compelling enough and frequent enough to keep fright fans entertained. The subtext is pretty rich and the whole thing is at least fun to watch. Not a particularly well written movie and it will never be an all-time classic but you could do worse with a weekend afternoon.

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