Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 94: The Monster Club

Knee deep in monsters this week, this was a movie from my last October horrorthon. Vincent Price and John Carradine star in the wraparound segment in which Price, as a vampire, bites Carradine (but doesn't do much harm), a horror author wandering the streets of London. Price takes Carradine to The Monster Club where they see live performances by Night, The Pretty Things and The Viewers. In between music sets, Price regales Carradine with tales of horror.

The first is about a creature called a Shadmock who has hired a young woman to be his assistant. She sticks around despite his horrific appearance thanks to her jerk boyfriend, who convinces her to gain the Shadmock's trust and then rob him. Bad things happen.

The second story is a funny bit about a vampire family who are being hunted by Donald Pleasance. Things almost take a grim turn (and the comedy is pretty dark to begin with) but it kind of turns out all's well that ends well. Well, mostly.

The third story is about a movie director looking for a perfect location for his horror film. He finds a seemingly quaint village but it turns out to be overrun by corpse-eating demons called Ghouls. Bad things happen.

This is a fun little romp of a movie from the early 80s. As far an anthologies go, not any worse than the old Tales from the Crypt movies.

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