Friday, February 17, 2017

Day 109: House 2

Growing up, my family had HBO and I watched the crap out of it. Some movies would show over and over again and House 2 was one of those. You know what movie they never showed? House 1. So, I still don't think I've ever seen it all the way through. But I would probably be able to quote alone to House 2 if I were to see it tomorrow.

Arye Gross (of Perfect Strangers) moves into a house where his parents used to live before they were murdered. He and a friend eventually find a crystal skull (like the one Indiana Jones wasted our time with) and accidentally resurrect Arye's Great-Great-Grandfather, an old west treasure seeker. Most of the movie is about "Gramps" and his descendant exploring all the space/time portals in the house (that is built on a Mayan temple?) until Gramps arch-enemy, another cowboy, returns from the dead to steal the skull. There is then a weird mix of old west action and horror and comedy as Arye Gross confronts a cowboy zombie, essentially.

I remember being entertained as a kid by the antics of Gross and John Ratzenburger (Cliff from Cheers) as a rogue adventurer/electrician. I am guessing the comedy is probably very bad and the horror isn't scary but for a 10 year old, this was pure gold.

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