Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 106: Spring

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am writing up the most romantic horror movie I have ever seen. Spring is all about a young man who, after a bad turn of luck, ends up in Italy on a "get his shit together" getaway. He runs into a young woman who is in the manic pixie dream girl mode and the two hit it off. Of course, she has a terrible secret. She is really a 2,000 year old monster who must become pregnant every spring to remain immortal (she absorbs the fetus back into herself, thus prolonging her life). The trick is, if she really falls in love, she will lose her immortality and turn into a normal person.

With that premise, it sort of becomes a race against time to see if the young man can make her fall for him before she transforms into a lizard and kills him. Most of the movie reminded me of Before Sunrise with these two young adults getting to know one another while they wander around some beautiful scenery. The two actors have a natural way about them that makes their increasing attraction to one another feel right. The effects are good, but used sparingly. I think most of the budget went to filming on location.

If you have a horror fan in your life and need a flick to watch tonight, check out Spring.

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