Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Day 71: Friday the 13th, Part 3

If you're wondering, I won't be covering every single entry in the Friday the 13th series, only my favorites. Part 3 is pretty much a triumph of 3-D filmmaking and watching the movie in 2-D is kind of hilarious. This is also the first movie in the series where Jason dons his famous hockey mask disguise. That's right...it took three movies!

An injured Jason spends the first half of the movie licking his wounds in the small town around Crystal Lake. A girl named Chris and her group of friends descend on her family's lakeside cabin. The usual hilarity ensues. The fun comes from all the moments an object is shoved right into the camera in order to goose the 3-D. For example, an old man gives the kids a warning about being near the lake but it ends with him shaking what looks like an eyeball directly into the camera. Other objects that end up at the front of the frame include a harpoon gun, rat and yo-yo. It is pretty much a must see movie if you like awkward staging.

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