Sunday, January 8, 2017

Day 69: The Dead Room

This was a recent watch during my horrorthon. This is a riff on the classic haunted house story. It starts with the audio only of a family fleeing in terror the house. A group of paranormal researchers (two older guys and a young girl) show up to see if they can find evidence of the supernatural. The leader of the group has a theory on how to destroy ghosts using subsonic frequencies, so it even swerves into ghostbusters territory a bit.

Here you get lots of ghostly footsteps and slamming doors but also pretty violent poltergeist interactions where the ghost is trying to injure people. The investigators figure out there is a "dead room" at the back of the house where the ghost won't go. Whenever they get menaced, they race back to it like a panic room and this seems to repeat a couple of times in the movie.

The motivations for sticking around become less and less clear as their lives become more and more threatened but, mostly, it holds together. Of course, there is a big twist at the end but it takes forever to play out. This is one of those features that really could have been a short film and had greater impact. I would put this one as mediocre at best.

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