Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day 66: Darkness

This is a little seen ditty from 2002 that features Anna Paquin and Lena Olin. It was shot in Spain and features mostly Spanish actors. The beginning is kind of rote as it features a family moving into a new home and experiencing strange things. The father starts going mad, the son starts seeing things in the far, so Amityville Horror or the Shining. Like both those movies, the protagonist (in this case, Anna Paquin) figures out that the house was used for bizarre and evil rituals. There are a few clever twists on a prophetic ritual that must be completed in order for a dark power to rise in the world.

I remember going to see this one in the theater for some reason and not being terribly impressed by it. I haven't returned to it since but something about it has lingered in my mind for the 15 years it has been since I saw it. I remember Paquin being kind of a non-entity and Lena Olin being as good as ever (whatever happened to her?). I remember it had kind of a bummer ending but then again, outside of the Hayes Code productions, few true horror movies end well for the protagonists.

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