Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 64: Haxan

Oddly, this silent era horror movie popped up in my natural rotation for today even though I haven't seen it in years. It certainly fits in with all these other classics I am covering. Haxan is sort of a documentary about Witchcraft but it is mostly known for some horrific visuals of Black Masses and other dalliances with the Devil.

Released in the 1920s out of Scandinavia, the movie's silent origins help it tremendously since only title cards have to be changed. As the movie explores the workings of Witchcraft, it plays up the idea of women cavorting with demons and wrecking havoc on their communities. It has been years since I saw this, mind you but I recall there being an educational slant to it. Like, "these are the mental illnesses most likely confused with witchcraft." Of course, even back in the 1920s, we still didn't know much about female mental illness beyond "hysteria." Again, not a terribly scary movie but the visuals will stick with you for awhile.

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