Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 59: Delivery (The Beast Within)

This is one I watched for my horrorthon this past October. The cheesy title and generic box art initially scared me away until I found it on a list of found footage movies worth watching. It turns out the cheese is somewhat intentional. The premise is that a couple have signed up for a reality TV show called Delivery that will trace their lives throughout a pregnancy. We get to see the original pilot for the show, cliched editing and all, at the beginning of the film. There is a dark moment when it seems the woman might lose the baby but...something...intervenes.

From there on, the movie is made of bits of unused footage from the show as well as video recordings made by the producer who stayed invested well after he should have. Spooky stuff starts happening in the house of the couple like mirrors shattering on their own and mysterious knocks at the front door with no one there. Plus, the woman starts getting a little...strange. It all adds up to a solid pay off. Not the most original or scary horror movie I've seen but not a bad entry into the pregnancy anxiety mini-genre.

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