Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 26: The Pact

This is a newer one that has gained some notoriety despite never getting a theatrical release. Think of it as Netflix Famous. Caity Lotz (who can currently be seen kicking ass on DC's Legends of Tomorrow) stars as a woman who returns to a childhood home after the death of her mother. After her sister goes missing, the woman begins thinking there may be a secret room in the house. Ghosts and secrets and all sorts of scares come along with this movie. This is indie horror done the right way.

I'm beginning to realize what a tie horror has to mystery movies. With ghost stories like the Pact and the Woman in Black, you invariably have a protagonist attempting to unwind a mystery with a series of clues as to who might be haunting them and why. I will say I didn't see the ending of the Pact coming. It is a pretty novel approach to the haunted house ordeal. So anyway, if you dig a good horror/mystery this one's for you.

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