Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 18 of 365: Resolution

This little indie horror movie really impressed me when I saw it. It is pretty much nano-budgeted but works very well despite the limitations. A story about stories, it works as an examination of the horror genre in general. A city dweller gets a video in the mail from his old childhood friend, Chris. Chris is strung out on drugs and acting erratically. The video came with a map to a run down house where Chris has been squatting. Michael (the protagonist), seeks out his old friend and uses a stun gun to overpower him. Michael chains Chris to a wall in an effort to help him get over his drug addiction. So far, so lifetime movie about addiction, right?

Things get more complex when a local Security officer for a Native American tribe tells them they are trespassing. Michael starts finding evidence of the former tenants and the ghastly ends they met. Two drug dealers begin sniffing around hoping to get money or product from Chris. Strange videos and books begin appearing. I will go so far as to say that this isn't a ghost story. It is about appeasing an audience who has seen it all before. Something on the land is building a bloody narrative while Michael and Chris must decide where they fit in that narrative.

Heady stuff for a horror flick but quite compelling. I would say well worth seeking out for fans of the genre.


  1. Hm, this sounds interesting. When I started reading your plot description and got to the point of the one dude chaining up the drug addicted dude, I assumed someone had planted the video and made it seem like the "addict" needed help when really it was designed to make his friend turn on him, so from the addict's perspective, he would be held hostage by a friend for no reason. That would also be an interesting concept, but it sounds like it isn't the one this movie landed on. I may have to add this to my watch list for next year, thanks!

  2. Wellll, you are closer than you think. Let's just say, it lands there, too.